Vice Admiral ret. Eliezer (Eli) Marum

Vice Admiral Eliezer Marum served in the IDF 38 years, he graduated from the Naval Officers Course in 1975. During his military service Vice Admiral Marum held various command and staff
positions including among others: , Commander of the F.M.B. (Fast Missile Boat) Flotilla, commander operational intelligence department, Commander of the Naval northern arena, Chief of staff of the Navy. On October 2007 Admiral Marum was appointed as the commander in Chief of the Israeli navy. During his service Admiral Marum participated and commanded many operations at sea. Admiral Marum ended his term as the Chief of the Navy in October 2011 and retired from active service in August 2012. Admiral Marum is since 2015 the  Chairman of the board of the Israeli Airports Authority and a strategic consultant. Admiral Marum is a graduate of the Israel Navy’s Advanced Command Course, the National Defense College, U.S. Navy Senior International Defense Management Program and the Harvard Business School, AMP. He holds an MBA in Social Sciences from the Haifa University.