Ronnie Eilat

Adv. Aaron (Ronnie) Eilat, serves as Custodio Technologies Pte Ltd.’s General Manager. Custodio Technologies was established as a Singaporean R&D Centre of Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) Ltd, in order to spearhead R&D activities in the field of cyber early warning. Custodio Technologies engages in novel and innovative research, with the goal of developing technologies into fully-fledged customer-grade solutions for marketing in Singapore and abroad. Custodio Technologies is a Singapore registered company with its workforce comprising mainly of Singaporeans. The company hosts a unique blend of computer experts, cyber researchers and engineers, to meet challenges in this dynamic and increasingly complex cyber domain.

Custodio Technologies is a recipient of a grant, as part of the Singapore Economic Development Board's (EDB) Research Incentive Scheme for Companies (RISC), is one of the founding members for Singapore Cybersecurity Consortium, and recently won the inaugural 2018 Singapore Cybersecurity Awards, in the SME category.

Ronnie Eilat is an industry veteran, with over 15 years of global experience in leading companies. Ronnie’s activities, over the years, included product management, business development, strategy and marketing of cyber security, intelligence, law enforcement, and public safety and security solutions. In the past 4 years, Ronnie has been serving as the GM of Custodio Pte. Ltd. and Custodio Technologies Pte. Ltd. In Singapore.