Tan Choon Lim

Tan Choon Lim is currently the Executive Chairman of Desay SV Automotive, a public listed company located in Huizhou, China. He oversees global businesses and operations spanning across continents, serving international automotive customers with an annual revenue of over USD 1 billion with more than 4,000 staffs. His portfolio include sales, manufacturing, research & development, supply chain management and many others.
He started his career in 1984, after graduating from University of Western Ontario, Canada with a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering Science, as a Computer Aided Design Application Engineer at Philips Electronics Singapore. Through numerous mergers and acquisitions, he spent his career at Mannessmann VDO, Siemens VDO Automotive, Desay Corporation and finally at Desay SV Automotive in 2010. His illustrious career has exposed him to numerous areas, which include manufacturing, quality, research & development, supply chain management, supplier development and industrial management.
He gained international experience through international assignment in China at various locations since 1998. His international management experience saw him managing teams in Japan, S Korea, China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Germany. With over twenty years of involvement in the Chinese market, he has transformed labor-intensive organizations to high-tech industrial operations with international standards. Through consistent and well planned strategy, he has successfully achieved and managed to list Desay SV Automotive to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2017.