Following CyberMed Tel Aviv success, Cybertech invites you to take part in CyberMed Asia, an international program that will gather professionals to learn about challenges affecting the medical  sector, as well as techniques and technologies helping deal with cyber attacks on medical centers and medical devices.


Both sessions are moderated by Mr. Ophir Zilbiger:  Mr. Zilbiger is Israel Ministry of Health Cybersecurity Strategic Consultant, and Head of BDO Cybersecurity Center which support different BDO clients, including the Australian and Israeli Ministry of Health. 


Recommended Audience: Professionals in the health sector, including IT and Cyber personnel from hospitals and medical centers, healthcare providers, startups and companies, VCs, government and academia. 

What's on the Agenda?

Special Side Seminar // "CyberMed: challenges and opportunities for the healthcare Industry"


Date and Time: 27/3 from 11:30 - 13:00, Hall MR230, Level 3
Description: A special meeting within professionals dealing with the cybersecurity challenges in the health industry. This special side seminar will be an excellent opportunity to learn how Israel is dealing with the cyber-threats on the healthcare frontier, the difficulties and opportunities. The discussion will start with a case study that will lead to a discussion on current cyber-threats and most effective technological solutions on the market. In addition, participants from different countries and professionals from a variety of entities dealing with healthcare cybersecurity will share their concerns and best practices on the matter. 
Topics of discussion: Cybersecurity strategy for the health sector – challenges and approaches; Regulation applicable for the health sector; Establishing a HealthCERT; Supply chain challenges in light of cyber threats; Enabling detection and response; managed functions in cybersecurity for health; Cybersecurity in medical devices and more.


Ophir Zilbiger, Partner at BDO Cyber Defense Center: Will be describing a case study of BDO's work with a State-level Ministry of Health in Australia to whom BDO is providing continuous cyber readiness and improvement through a program of professional, technical, and advisory services for cyber defense.



Plenary Session // "Cybersecurity in Healthcare"


Date and Time: 27/3 from 14:50 - 15:20, Hall 403-404, Level 4
Description: This 30-minute session will discuss conclusions reached during the special side seminar, including current threat and challenges facing the medical field, as well as solutions available on the market. 


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