Cancellation Policy

  1. You are entitled to cancel your registration to "Cybertech Asia" ("Event") and receive a refund according to the following terms:
    1. Cancellations received in writing before 1 May 2021 will incur an Admin Charge of 10%.

    2. No refund will be offered for cancellation from 2 May 2021 onwards.

  2. Substitution of names should be made in writing before 9 July 2021. Onsite requests will not be entertained
  3. In order to cancel your registration, a request must be sent to [email protected] specifies the Registration date, Full Name, and Contact details of the Participant.
  4. In case of cancellation of the Event you will be refunded according the terms above within 21 days from receive cancellation request.
  5. Refund will be done by the same payment method chosen when making the registration.
  6. You are aware and agree that Cybertech group including Arrowmedia Israel LTD, Cybertech Singapore (CYSING) Pte.LTD, Cybertech USA ("Cybertech Group") will be entitled to postponed or to cancel the Event in case of occurrence of a Force Majeure event (as defined below).
  7. Postponement or cancellation of an Event by the Company and/or change of display areas/name of the Event (a “Change”) will be at the Company’s sole discretion and for any reason. The Participant hereby waives any argument and/or claim and/or demand in this regard. If the Event is cancelled, Participant shall be fully reimbursed for any sums previously paid by Participant with regards to this Proposal. If the Event is postponed, the Participant has the right to send a notice to cancel its participation as set forth within ten (10) days following notice of postponement, and the Participant shall be able to receive full refund of the fees originally paid. Company agrees that the postponed event shall take place in the year following the original date of the event, otherwise the Participant shall have the right to cancel its participation and to receive a refund of the price originally paid to the Company.