Main Themes & Special Events

Smart and Secure in the Digital and Physical World

Featuring Cutting-Edge Content

Serving as a dialogue on threats and solutions affecting the global community, the Cybertech conference offers a chance for participants to learn about the most innovative approaches to cyber by some of the most prominent experts from the industry. Conference sessions and special events focus on a wide spectrum of sectors, ranging from Smart Cities, Finance and Insurance, SCADA/ICS, Mobile and Communications, Health, Smart Mobility, and many more.

Main themes:

  • Aviation
  • CI- Utilities, Transportation and Maritime
  • Healthcare 
  • Criminal Investigations 
  • Intelligence in the Cyber Era 
  • SOC- Advanced SOC Operations
  • Smart City-- Using AI! 
  • Hacker show (demonstration) 
  • Next Next Generation Technologies - 5 Years from Now 
  • 5G and Communications 
  • Influence Campaigns 
  • Deep R & D 
  • Deep Learning: ML and AI